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Bedont Orthodontics Patient Reviews

Welcome to Bedont Orthodontics!

At Bedont Orthodontics we feel that life is full of things to smile about. Orthodontic treatment is an investment in self-improvement that will reap benefits for a lifetime. Whether a child facing the rigors of adolescence, or an achievement-oriented adult, an attractive smile always creates a better impression from the outside as well as from the inside.

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"Did a very nice job"

Review Verified on 2/28/2019
"Shelby just got on her braces!"

Review Verified on 2/27/2019
"The people are nice and made me feel welcome."

Review Verified on 2/26/2019
Facebook Verified
"Everyone here was very kind to me and everyone always seemed to know exactly what to do. I am very pleased with my results."

Review Verified on 2/26/2019
"They did and amazing job"

Review Verified on 2/25/2019
"Great doctor and helper.thank you for bring me beautiful teeth and smile."

Review Verified on 2/19/2019
"Really helpful staff and generally welcoming environment, really good results"

Review Verified on 2/18/2019
"Friendly and professional"

Review Verified on 2/14/2019
"Very clean, professional."

Review Verified on 2/13/2019
"Did a really good job, my teeth look great!"

Review Verified on 2/12/2019
"They were really detailed and exact. They did a great job on my teeth an I am pleased with the result. It took a little longer than I imagined but was well worth the wait."

Review Verified on 2/11/2019
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"The staff are great!! It was always easy to get appoinments when needed. I love the results"

Review Verified on 2/7/2019
"Painless and my teeth are straight now so that's cool"

Review Verified on 2/7/2019
"I'm really grateful for the change my teeth went through"

Review Verified on 2/7/2019
"The Orthodontis were super nice and always gentle with your teeth!"

Review Verified on 2/6/2019
"I liked this Denistry,since everyone is so kind. Would recommend friends and family to come here."

Review Verified on 2/4/2019
"All of the staff is very kind and funny. They always are interested in what I am doing and how my teeth are."

Review Verified on 2/4/2019
"Took good care of me!"

Review Verified on 2/4/2019
"My smile looks so much better than before! They're a great staff facility and aren't satisfied until you have the best smile possible!"

Review Verified on 1/31/2019
"Took a bit longer than expected but really I didn't care because my teeth look a lot better"

Review Verified on 1/30/2019

Review Verified on 1/29/2019
"So happy with my teeth"

Review Verified on 1/28/2019
Facebook Verified
"Everyone here was very supportive and friendly. We've recommended you to our friends!"

Review Verified on 1/24/2019
"Great staff and great service! I never thought my teeth would look as good as they do and the process was made very easy. The entire staff is so friendly and accommodating!"

Review Verified on 1/23/2019
"From the first day I got here I felt extremely welcomed and cared for. I've had such an amazing experience and even met my girlfriend of two year here. Even when my treatment went a few month over they were patient and willing to help me get my perfect smile even when I didn't want to wear my rubber bands. It's odd to say but I'm going to miss these guys. There was never a negative or dull moment here with these guys. 999/100 would recommend to everyone."

Review Verified on 1/22/2019
"You guys are great!"

Review Verified on 1/22/2019
"I am really happy with my results and how my treatment went, it really paid off in the end."

Review Verified on 1/21/2019
"What a great place! Very kind and patient as my son was just 8 years old when he got his braces!"

Review Verified on 1/21/2019
"I had a awesome experience with braces at this Othodontics office. They made the whole experience easy and helpful."

Review Verified on 1/17/2019
"Thank you for helping fix my teeth! It took a lot longer than anticipated but it worked out in the end."

Review Verified on 1/16/2019
"We had a great experience at Dr. Bedont's office. Everyone was always so kind and professional. Very happy with the results."

Review Verified on 1/10/2019
"Great customer service"

Review Verified on 1/10/2019
Facebook Verified
"Very professional and would recommend to anyone! Great experience!"

Review Verified on 1/9/2019
"Everyone is very nice! I don't like the tools though especially the drill thing to remove the glue. Chairs are very comfy I could sleep on one"

Review Verified on 1/7/2019
"I am a very happy customer, fantastic work; and great people!"

Review Verified on 1/3/2019
"Excellent staffs, excellent services, and excellent results! Never had any issue during the whole one-year treatment, and we'll come back again in a few years for phase-2 treatment. Highly recommended to anyone who might in need!"

Review Verified on 1/3/2019
"Very nice. Glad to be done!"

Review Verified on 1/2/2019
"Bedont Orthodonics is very professional and very friendly. There are very helpful and very friendly staff that conclude great service. LIFECHANGING."

Review Verified on 1/2/2019
"It was overall good and sympathy given throughout the whole treatment"

Review Verified on 1/2/2019
"The Bedont Orthodontics staff were always friendly and considerate. My teeth are straighter than I could ever image and I am very grateful to all of them"

Review Verified on 12/28/2018
"My experience with Bedont has been very pleasant, with good customer service and great results. I'd recommend Bedont to my friends."
"My experience at Bedont Orthondtics was amazing to say the least. I had experienced a couple different Orthodontist office in moving while wearing braces. Bedont was my favorite office to come to. Everyone is so friendly. They genuinely care about you, your teeth, your experience, your family. They are very involved with their patients. They do events and competions that really make a fun experience. The service and communication is priority! They are great."

Review Verified on 12/18/2018
Reviews 169 - 210 of 1838

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